© Panmela Castro, Courtesy of Panmela Castro and Galeria Francisco Fino

“Do Jardim, um Oceano”: Panmela Castro’s first solo show in Europe presents portraits that deal with displacement

Do Jardim, um Oceano” [from the garden, an ocean], solo show by Panmela Castro
Curated by Igor Simões
From June 27 until September 14, 2024

Galeria Francisco Fino
Rua Capitão Leitão, 76, 1950-052 Lisboa, Portugal
T. +351 215 842 211
Tues-Fri, 12 – 7pm / Sat, 2 – 7pm

Until September 14, 2024, Galeria Franscisco Fino presents Panmela Castro’s new solo show Do Jardim, um Oceano [from the garden, an ocean], curated by Igor Simões. During two months, she was an artist-in-residence at the invitation of Galeria Francisco Fino. In the studio on a small balcony in Lisbon, adorned with plants and Portuguese tiles, she received friends, newly acquainted people, and strangers to be portrayed in her drift process, and those portraits, “the record of a performance carried out to activate encounters”, as the curator explains, are gathered in the exhibition.

In the self-portrait “Can the subaltern speak?”, the artist appears reading a copy of the seminal work by the Indian author Gayatri Spivak, a scene that takes place in her garden-studio. The painting hints at what is at stake when the black Brazilian artist crosses the Atlantic to meet a diverse group of black, white, Afro-Asian, Asian, cisgender, trans, non-binary, Portuguese, African and migrant people. Amid the architectures of the garden, the suggestion of an ocean emerges, as curator Igor Simões proposes when he gives the title to the artist’s first solo exhibition in Europe.

In the curatorial text, Simões shares that “Panmela Castro operates the transformation of the garden into an ocean. By deploying her processes of affective drift, she gathers a choir of voices and existences that result from the world invented by the Atlantic’s salty water. As they arrive at the garden, the people she now encounters, and with whom she creates, bring in the oceanic part of their stories. They bring with them displacements made by the story of their bodies and the bodies of those who came before them. Their lives are the concrete proof that subalternity was but an attempt.”

Access the complete curatorial text by Igor Simões and check out installation views.

© Panmela Castro, Courtesy of Panmela Castro and Galeria Francisco Fino


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