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Daniel Beerstecher

…of Montevideo, Uruguay. Website: Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2016: Critical Texts ‘A Brazilian Heritage for Daniel Beerstecher’, by Daniela Labra Brazil, 1808: colonial [rule] came…


PIPA and Camden Sentido – Luiza Baldan and Daniel Beerstecher

…be on view throughout the months of June to October. This first screening will feature the works “Hexa”, by Luiza Baldan and “Mas Continua a vida…” by Daniel Beerstecher. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________…


Daniel Jablonski

…Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1985. Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. Represented by Galeria Janaina Torres. PIPA 2017 and 2019 nominee. Daniel Jablonski (1985,…


Daniel de Paula

…Boston, USA, 1987. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Represented by Galeria Jaqueline Martins PIPA 2014, 2016 and 2019 nominee. Daniel de Paula was born in 1987 in…


Daniel Albuquerque

…Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1983. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Represented by Galeria Cavalo. PIPA Prize 2018 nominee. Daniel Albuquerque (Rio de Janeiro, 1983) lives and…

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