Acervo da Laje

(this page was last updated in April 2024)

Salvador, Brazil, 2011
Lives and works in Salvador, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee

The Cultural Association Acervo da Laje is a multifaceted space, housing libraries, a newspaper library and various collections, including rare books, photographs and historical artifacts that narrate the history of the Subúrbio Ferroviário de Salvador. Its permanent exhibitions, such as “Where’s the Beauty?” and “The Beauty of the Suburb”, highlight the beauty and diversity of the local community. The Acervo also exhibits works by local artists and those from other areas of the city, as well as pieces by “invisible artists” (unsigned works). In addition to acquiring pieces through purchases and donations, many are found discarded, rescuing a previously invisible history. The space has already participated in biennials and symposiums, seeking to value art and peripheral culture. Its goals include providing meetings between people, works and artists, stimulating research and re-signifying the image of the periphery, revealing its values, memories and aesthetic elaborations. In recent years, the Acervo has promoted workshops in partnership with various projects, covering topics such as handmade photography, popular expressions and samba de roda. The activities and work of the associated artists have been the subject of academic research, journalistic articles and television programs, as well as being shared on its Facebook page. Visits to the Acervo are usually scheduled by phone or Instagram.


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