Alice Lara

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Brasília, Brazil, 1987.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2020 nominee. 

Alice Lara was born in Distrito Federal, more precisely in the satellite city Taguatinga e Vicente Pires. Now she lives and works in São Paulo. She’s graduated in Visual Arts and has a license’s and bachelor’s degree from Universidade de Brasília. Master in visual poetics from ECA – USP. Her research, in painting, investigates the representation of animals, their relations with humans and how do these relations affect both parts. For this, she has made researches in forest reserves, parks, zoos and image banks. In her career, she has participated in various “shows” in the country such as Salão de Abril in Fortaleza in 2010, salão de Anápolis in 2011 and 2014,  Arte Londrina in 2019. She’s been awarded in 2012, at Arte Pará and in 2016 at Salão de Anápolis. She held the following solos: 2016 – “Ponto de Convergência” at Galeria Antonio Sibassoly in Anápolis; 2013 “Entre Artistas” at ECCO – Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo, in 2013; “Amores Perros” at Espaço Cultural do Cervantes de Brasília; 2013 “falso mundo maravilhoso” at MUnA – Museu Universitário de Uberlândia; in 2019 “As ordens no paraíso” no Paço das Artes em São Paulo and in 2020 she’s presented the second edition of the same exhibition. In 2020 another solo at Centro Cultural São Paulo. One artwork from the series “As duas estórias da carne” has been acquired for the Museu de Arte do Rio’s Collection.


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes, exclusively for PIPA Prize 2020:

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