"Se o mar tivesse varandas #4", 2017

Aline Motta

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Niterói, Brazil, 1974.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2022 nominee.

With her artistic practice, Aline Motta (b. 1974, Niterói, Brazil) seeks to point out and fill in the gaps in her own family history as a result of colonial erasure. Her videos, photographs, installations, and performances are based on speculative studies that mix archival research, field trips, and oral history reports that she uses to access, nourish, and reveal parts of the past that were previously thought to be lost. Refusing the linear organization of time and instead understanding the past as part of the present, Motta creates works that reorient memories and construct new narratives. Reflecting on notions of diaspora, belonging, and identification she reconfigures Afro-Atlantic relations in her own ways, positioning herself as the author of her own history. Blurring the boundaries between what is known and what is imagined, Motta’s works demonstrate how envisioning new pasts can free us from old narratives and manifest new futures.

Website: www.alinemotta.com

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

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