Ana Beatriz Almeida

(this page was last updated in June 2021)

Niterói, Brazil, 1987.
Lives and works in Salvador, Brazil.
Represented by 01.01 Art Plataform and Galeria Verve

PIPA 2021 nominee.

Master in History and Aesthetics of Art at MAC/USP- Universidade de São Paulo. She is co-founder of 01.01 Art Platform, visual artist and African and African Diasporic manifestations researcher. She is lecturer at Black Feminism-Berkley University Summer Program Abroad and guest curator in Glasgow International 2020 (postponed because of COVID – 19 pandemic). From 2009 to 2019 she had performed a long term rite of passage in honor of those who didn’t survived to the Atlantic traffic of enslaved people. This performance was entitled Gunga . It was separed in diferente ritual stages, the first , The Banzo series ( Banzo and Banzo Bendita), the liminar performances from the Kalunga series ( Onira, Osalufã and Ibeji), the post liminar rites in Sobre o Sacrificio Ritual series ( Tchidohun and O Mercado: A Iniciação). The last ritual set has been built since 2019 after she travel to Ghana , Togo and Benin where she could meet her family returned from Brasil to Benin during the 19th century: the D’Almeidas.


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