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Recife, Brazil, 1997.
Lives and works in Recife, Brazil.
Represented by Garrido Galeria.

PIPA 2021 nominee.

AORUAURA is the platform and artistic work of Oura Aura, born on 03/03 in 1997. With practices in performance and in the Visual Arts, she graduated in Visual Arts Technique from the Federal Institute of Pernambuco in 2019. Located in the decaying Anthropocene, the artist creates in chaos conditions a new possible image-body of affection, using the image and the body as moldable material. Using everything from inanimate objects to dead animals; always starting from the reflection of the body and moved by the non-identification with her own image, she shares situations in a virtual gallery where she tests her own nature. Currently, her work is represented by Garrido Gallery.

“Aoru has become inseparable from her work, exploring through artistic languages, the procedural conditions of being alive. As a sensitive body that has long been recognized in a mix of life and performance, transit and research, purge, representation and uninterrupted absorption from the world, the multiartist, with a focus on multimedia and body art, is an invitation to the perception that there can be self-recognition and ownership of an intimate body of uncertainty” (“Aura – The body as Uncertainty”, by Guilherme Moraes).


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2021:

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