Artists 2020

(this page was last updated in April 2022)

The names of the artists nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2020 were published from March 30th to April 3rd.

This year there are 66 participating artists, 50 of which participate for the first time. View below the complete list of PIPA Prize 2020 artists:

Isael Maxakali

(PIPA Online 2020 Winner)

Paulo Nimer Pjota

(PIPA Online 2014)

Rodrigo Braga

(Finalist 2012,
PIPA Popular Vote 2012)

PIPA Prize 2020 Nominees

In order to participate in PIPA Prize, the artist must be nominated at least once by a member of this year’s Nominating Committee

Each of the 26 members of the PIPA 2020 Nominating Committee nominated up to three artists. In total, 72 artists were nominated, 53 of which were nominated for the first time this year. They are visual artists from all regions of Brazil (some are Brazilians living abroad) whose practice incorporates all media: from painting, photography, installation to video, performance and others.

Once they have sent materials, the artists who will participate in PIPA Prize 2020 will be featured with profile pages on our websites, adding to the other artists who have already participated in at least once the previous edition of the Prize. The profile pages include information on their careers, images of their works and video interviews. Furthermore, the artists are able to send information on exhibitions and events in which they participate, which are also featured on the events section of PIPA’s websites.

All nominees will be invited to record an exclusive interview, including artists who have participated in previous editions.

PIPA Prize 2020 Categories

PIPA’s Board chooses four finalists to participate in a group exhibition, that this year will be held from September till November at Paço Imperial.
Each finalist receives a donation of R$ 30.000,00 e the four of them compete in the following category:

  • PIPA – the winner, elected by the Award Jury, receives an extra donation of R$30.000,00 for the development of a project.

All PIPA Prize 2020 participating artists are eligible to compete in the following category:

  • PIPA Online – the artist with the highest number of votes by the end of the second round receives R$15.000,00.

To learn more about PIPA Prize 2020, see:

Board | Regulation | Nominating Committee | Calendar 

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