David Almeida

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Brasília, Brazil, 1989.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
Represented by Milan Gallery

PIPA Prize 2018 and 2022 nominee.

David Almeida’s research is developed around pictorial experimentation in various media and supports such as canvas, linen, wood, ceramics and engraving. His production has as its main focus the issues of space and the body on the move, exploring the visuality of intimate territory, the city and the Brazilian regional landscape. In the pictorial space, he investigates the limits between the landscape of the countryside and the imaginary, at times emphasizing the density of materials in figurative works or tending toward abstraction, at times displacing natural elements in canvases with a metaphysical and spiritual tone. Almeida engenders the concepts of memory, body, phantasmagoria, and optical perception, creating canvases in which the intimacy of a culture or people is subtly manifested in the landscape. In his work, places and sensations dialogue with his method and procedure of representation, in which the density of a painted night is intimately related to the oblique process of constructing it in the image.

Site: davidalmeida.art.br

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

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