Íris Helena

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João Pessoa, Brazil, 1987.
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil.

Represented by Portas Vilaseca Galeria.

PIPA Prize 2018 nominee.
Works in the PIPA Institute Collection

Íris Helena is a multidisciplinary artist born in João Pessoa, in the Brazilian Northeast. She holds a BA in Visual Arts by Universidade Federal da Paraíba, an MA in Contemporary Poetics by Universidade de Brasília, and is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. in Methods and Processes in Contemporary Art in the same institution. Her research is based on a critic, philosophic, aesthetic and poetic investigation of the urban landscape through a dialogic approach between the images of the city and the surfaces and the media chosen to materialize it. Many times, precarious, common materials are taken away from their daily consumption by the artist to become a medium for her work, enabling the (re)construction of memory tied to the risk, the instability and, above all, the desire of erasure typical of the urban scenario.

Site: cargocollective.com/irishelena

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2018:

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