Raquel Nava

(this page was last updated in July 2018)

 Brasília, Brazil, 1981.
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil.

Represented by Galeria Portas Vilaseca and Alfinete Galeria.

PIPA Prize 2018 nominee.

Raquel investigates the cycle of organic and inorganic matter in relation to cultural desires and habits. She uses taxidermy and the biological remains of animals juxtaposed with industrialized materials in her installations, objects, and photographs, where the chromatic variation she works with approaches the palette used in her production of paintings. The diversity present in her production comes from her experiments with techniques and materials, but there is always a reference to organs or organisms.

Site: raquelnava.net

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2018:

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