Calendar 2017

(this page was last updated in August 2017)

PIPA Prize 2017 will have the following calendar:

  • January 22nd – PIPA 2017 Launching – Eight edition of the Prize, together with the announcement of the Board the disclosure of the Regulation & Schedule
  • February 10th – Nominating Committee announcement
  • March 6th-10th – Announcement of the Nominated Artists
  • June 16th – Announcement of PIPA’s finalists
  • July 16th – First round of PIPA Online begins
  • July 23th – End of PIPA Online’s first round
  • July 30th – PIPA Online’s second round begins
  • August 6th – End of PIPA Online second round
  • August 7th – PIPA Online Winner announcement
  • September 23rd– PIPA exhibition opening at MAM-Rio
  • November 5th – End of the voting for PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition
  • November 10th –  Award Jury members announcement
  • November 18th – PIPA Popular Vote and PIPA winners announcement
  • November 26th – End of PIPA’s exhibition at MAM-Rio

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