Catarina Dee Jah

(this page was last updated in April 2024)

Recife, Brazil, 1978
Lives and works in Olinda, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee

Catarina Dee Jah defines herself as a practical artist – in Portuguese, “artista prática” instead of “artista plástica”, which means plastic artist –, a pun that strains the idea of artistic making in its classificatory categories of high and low culture, art and craft, fruition and utility. Raised in a family of artists who have run the Iza do Amparo studio in Olinda (Brazil) for over 40 years, Catarina has always moved between painting, sewing, design and music. Currently, she is developing her own language through her shredded paper flags, which are the support for the expression of her acid and sharp discourse, with a handmade aesthetic that is inherently based on satire, just like the pop art she also draws on. Listen to the album “Mulher Cromaqui” (Catarina DeeJah, 2013) here.

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