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More interviews with PIPA Prize 2017 nominees

Less than a month before the launching of PIPA Online, Prize category which happens exclusively on the Internet, we present another seven interviews with artists who participate in the eighth edition of the Prize. Meet PIPA Prize 2017 nominees Christus Nóbrega, Eleonora Fabião, Gustavo von Ha, Karina Zen, Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi and Ricardo Càstro, as well as the finalist Carla Guagliardi.


Watch five video-interviews with this edition’s PIPA Prize nominees

Today, we release another five video-interviews with this edition’s PIPA Prize nominees. Talking inspirations, practices and career paths, the videos – which have been produced since the first edition of the award, in 2010 – have become an important source for documenting the creative process behind some of the most interesting names of Brazilian contemporary art. Check out Bruno Cançado, Francisco Magalhães, Ivan Grilo, Paul Setúbal and Virgínia Pinho’s video interviews in this post.


The series of PIPA special videos was created in 2011 inspired by the interviews with nominated artists. They are videos that bring together themes connected with art that arise during the interviews. PIPA Team believes that the produced material represents an important legacy to the Brazilian contemporary art memory, fomenting reflexions and discussions about the theme.


PIPA winner receives, besides the money donation, the participation in a three months international residency programme. From 2010 to 2012, winners went to London, England, to take part in Gasworks residency programme. From 2013 and on, winners take part in a residency programme at Residency Unlimited, in New York, US. We follow their experiences in interviews with the winning artists recorded via Skype, produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA.


Watch the interviews with some members of the Nominating Committee, responsible for nominating the artists who will run for PIPA. The committee’s composition changes every year. The Nominating Committee in composed of artists, collectors, art critics, curators, gallerists, journalists, professors and other professionals connected to Contemporary art from Brazil and abroad.

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