Cleiber Bane Huni kuin

(this page was last updated in April 2024)

Jordão, Brazil, ano.
Lives and works in Jordão, Brazil.
Represented by Carmo Johnson Projects

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee.

Cleiber Bane’s works aim to transcribe the traditional ritual songs of the Huni Kuin people into images. These songs evoke Yube, the cosmic anaconda, master of the Nixi Pae (a vine with psychotropic powers) and various “human” entities of the forest.

Cleiber Bane is a member of the MAHKU group – Movement of Huni Kuin Artists – formed in 2013. The works created by the artists in this group are both a means of communicating with the outside world and a vector for consolidating the cultural and territorial autonomy of the Huni Kuin people. Today, the group continues its trajectory on the international contemporary art scene.

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