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Manaus, Brazil, 1995
Lives and works in São Luís, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2023 nominee

I understood that I existed by taking my first steps in the city where I was born, Manaus, Amazonas. I lived in several neighborhoods and areas of the city, until existing during the last few years in the Community of José, in the japiin 1 neighborhood. Heart-daughter of the union between Benedita Brandão and Osvaldo de Almeida. From the experiences between the city, people, nature, I carry with me memories with scent, taste, life stories, mandingas, words, music, secrets and behaviors. The places where I lived were my notion of the world, and it was through these places that I developed my tastes and concerns. I graduated in Visual Arts, and started to develop series of works based on painting, woodcuts, sewing, photography in mid-2016, and started to know who I was, and could be. In 2018, I held my first and only solo exhibition so far, “Para cada vela, um pedido”, in my hometown. In the same year, I decided to travel around Brazil by hitchhiking and Id Jovem, where I made a series of exchanges and meetings in different places, and people, registering memories of my experience in diaries, collages, photographs and videos, as a documentation of life in spaces and times. My desire has always been to believe in what is real, therefore the creation of images in the present. Because it was from the realization of the image that I understood the context of erasing Black stories in my hometown and the importance of creations in first person, on different platforms, such as the street and the digital.

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2023:

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