Daiara Tukano

(this page was last updated in February 2024)

São Paulo, Brazil, 1982
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil
Represented by Millan gallery

PIPA 2021, 2023 and 2024 nominee
PIPA Online 2021 winner

Daiara Hori, traditional Duhigô name, belongs to the Uremiri Hãusiro Parameri clan of the Yepá Mahsã people, also known as Tukano. Born in São Paulo in 1982, she is an artist, independent communicator, indigenous rights activist and human rights researcher. Her artistic work is based on research on the traditions and spirituality of her people, especially from her study of Hori, which are the mirations produced by kahpi (ayahuasca). Therefore, Daiara dedicates herself to apprehending the visions she reaches in her dreams and in the studies she carries out with her family, also observing the paintings found in the traditional objects of her culture, in the weaving of basketwork, ceramics, benches, in body paintings, which allude to the memory of the same history of transformation, which is the Tukano history of humanity. Daiara articulates an investigation into the culture of her people and experiments with forms and light, seeking to understand the density of their vibrations, as well as the way they touch us at different levels.

Website: www.daiaratukano.com
Instagram: @daiaratukano

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2023:

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