Donated works

Every year, all four finalists of each edition donate an artwork to MAM-Rio. The donations are a way of contributing to the expansion of the museum’s collection, that already has a vast modern and contemporary art colletion.

The winners of each category this year (PIPA, PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition and PIPA Online) have also donated a work to PIPA Institute, the sponsor of the award.




Arjan Martins

As the winner of the two main categories in PIPA Prize – PIPA 2018 and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition – Arjan Martins donated two paintings to the Institute, “Untitled” (2018) and “The Foreigner I” (2017). The paintings follow the theme and style frequent in Arja’s work; he reflects on racial issues through symbols of African diasporas. Proving that painting has still its potential and power in a digital era, Arjan brings up the political and social consequences of exploration and colonialism until nowadays.


Íris Helena

PIPA Online 2018 Winner received 1659 votes from the public in the second round and donated the work “Notas de Esquecimento VII”, from the series “Lembretes” (2009), made out of post its. Íris Helana often take precarious, common materials from her daily consumption to become a medium for her work.

“Notas de Esquecimento VII”, from the series “Lembretes”, 2009


The artist who won second place, receiving 1217 votes in total, was Babu78, who donated the a print of “A ignorância não me deixou acabar” to the Institute. Babu78 is a graffiti and visual artist.

“A ignorância não me deixou acabar”, 2017, graffiti


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