Elvira Freitas Lira

(this page was last updated in April 2024)

Arcoverde, Brazil, 1999
Lives and works between Pernambuco and São Paulo, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee

Elvira Freitas Lira has been a self-taught painter since she was a child. She lived in Arcoverde, in the hinterland of Pernambuco, until she was 14. Elvira then moved to Olinda, in the same state, living there for five years before relocating to São Paulo. The cities she has lived in influence her work, which combines urban pop culture with her affectionate relationship with the traditional and contemporary cultures of the Northeast of Brazil. She works mainly with figurative painting in acrylic and oil, also making use of mixed techniques that include collage, as well as writings and poetry. With a strong biographical aspect, her work inevitably crosses feminine issues, bringing an approach that goes from the intimate to the collective, from the individual to the universal. She has taken part in several institutional exhibitions, at venues such as the Murillo La Greca Museum (Recife), the Janete Costa Gallery (Recife), the Tomie Ohtake Institute (São Paulo), as well as being part of the BNB – Banco do Nordeste collection.

Website: instagram.com/elvirafreitaslira/

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2024:

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