Exhibitions 2023

The exhibitions ‘PIPA 2023 Awarded Artists: Glicéria Tupinambá, Helô Sanvoy, Iagor Peres and Luana Vitra’ and ‘Recent Acquisitions of the PIPA Institute’ were on show at Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro from September 9 to November 12.

The Recent Acquisitions exhibition, in the Terreirinho room, brought together works added to the Institute’s collection between 2022 and 2023 by contemporary Brazilian artists who are part of PIPA Prize’s history: Agrade CamízGuilherme BretasElias MarosoMaxwell AlexandreUÝRA and Xadalu Tupã Jekupé. The Institute’s collection can be seen at www.institutopipa.com.

On the opening day of the exhibitions, Helô Sanvoy performed “Empelo” in Paço Imperial’s Praça dos Arcos room. The title refers to being completely naked, nudity that is exercised during the action, in which the artist, after making an extension of his hair with leather braids (a material he understands as a living being), positions the braids on a hook on the wall and stretches his body, trying to uphold himself with his hair, with his feet positioned on a small wooden support.

As part of the opening program, a guided tour was also offered to the public, with co-founder Lucrécia Vinhaes and curator Luiz Camillo Osorio as hosts, representing the PIPA Institute. The attentive and interested public was able to learn more about the idea behind and the history of the Prize and the Institute; to keep up with the changes implemented in recent editions and to hear about the works on display, which were commissioned and acquired in the last years. In addition to that, the artist Guilherme Bretas attended the visit and spoke to the public about his work “Nossa Pele Reluz como Ouro”, an artificial intelligence animation with a DeepFake of historical portraits taken in the 19th century.

In the Terreiro room, the guided tour at the Awarded Artists exhibition was joined by the four artists, who talked about their works and research themes to the public. Since 2020, the Prize’s exhibition is no longer competitive, and it constitutes a celebration of these artists being chosen as winners of the edition. Thus, Glicéria, Helô, Iagor and Luana shared the Terreiro space with juxtaposed works, positioned in order to highlight the possible permeabilities and increasing their power as a whole. Without a rigid expography, they create a space together in a free and fluid way, with the exhibition being written by several hands.

At the end of the opening, the public and the artists enjoyed a confraternization in the central courtyard of the Paço Imperial.

Based on an educational initiative in partnership with Paço Imperial, weekly guided tours were offered throughout the exhibition period, carried out by PIPA exhibition mediators. This year, we once again organized the wall of notes, a practice from other editions of the Prize that provides a space for visitors to use post-its and colored pencils to share ideas and thoughts.

Read more about the opening of the exhibitions here.

Photos by Fabio Souza.

  • Videos of the exhibitions

As part of the Prize’s editions, and as further reference material and a record of this moment in national art, videos related to the exhibition are produced by Do Rio Filmes. Check out below (subtitles are available):

Video of the setting of the Awarded Artists show, featuring interviews with each one of them

Guided visit at the opening of the PIPA 2023 Awarded Artists Exhibition

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