Gabriela Kremer Motta

(this page was last updated in March 2020)

Lives and works in Porto Alegre, RS.
PIPA Nomination Committee Member 2019 and 2020.

Gabriela Kremer Motta is a curator, critic and researcher of visual arts. Currently, she is a receiver of the PNPD scholarship together with the PPG at the Centro de Artes da UFPEL (2016-2020), she is a Doctor of Theory, Teaching and Learning of Art from USP(University of São Paulo) (2015) and has a masters in Visual Arts by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul(2005). Gabriela is also a member of the Culture State Council of Rio Grande do Sul.

Some projects produced in these renowned institutions where she studied are: Rumos Itaú Cultural, 2017/2018 editions; PIPA Prize 2017 and 2015; Marcantonio Vilaça CNI-SESI/2014 prize; Rumos Itaú Artes Visuais, 2011/2013 and 2008/2010 edition. Additionally, she has completed projects with the following institutions: MAC – USP, MAC Niterói e Fundação Iberê Camargo. In 2010 she was awarded the Funarte de Estímulo à Produção Crítica em Artes Visuais (Funarte Incentive for Critical Production in Visual Arts). From 2008 to 2010 she was part of the Centro Cultural São Paulo(São Paulo Cultural Center) critic group.

In 2017 she was responsible for the conception of the Seminário Curadoria em Artes Visuais – Um Panorama Histórico e Prospectivo(Curatory in Visual Arts – A Historical and Prospective Panorama Seminar). The project was a partnership with Fernanda Albuquerque at the Santander Cultural and researchers from all over the country participated.

As a curator, she has executed exhibitions such as Passatempo (2018) by Rochelle Costi at the Museu do Trabalho, in Porto Alegre, Brazil; A Hora Mágica(2018), by Letícia Lopes, at the Aura gallery, in São Paulo, Brazil; Fala, (2017), at the ECARTA gallery; Acerca(2016), by Heloisa Crocco, at the Gestual gallery; Ocupando Lucas, 21(2015), with artists of the Gestual gallery, 365(2015), by Elida Tessler (with Eduardo Veras), Bolsa de Arte gallery; CANTOSREV(2014), by Nelson Felix, at the Instituto Ling; Canto Escuro(2014), by Luiz Roque, at the Museu do Trabalho; Um vasto Mundo(2014), by Romy Pocztaruk, at the SIM gallery, in Curitiba; A invenção da Roda (2013), by Letícia Ramos, at the Museu do Trabalho. She curated many collective exhibitions in Brazilian cities such as Joinville, Fortaleza, Recife, Belém, São Paulo, and others. She was also part of the Arte e Identidade Cultural na Indústria project, promoted by SESI-RS(2007-2008).

Motta has also written the book “Entre olhares e leituras: uma abordagem da Bienal do Mercosul” (published by ZOUK). She also has published articles in respected magazines and articles about contemporary art.


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