Gê Viana

(this page was last updated in April 2023)

Maranhão, Brazil, 1986.
Lives and works in Maranhão, Brazil.

PIPA 2019 and 2020 nominee.
PIPA Prize 2020 finalist.
PIPA Prize 2020 winner.
Member of the PIPA Nominating Committee 2021.

Works in the PIPA Institute Collection

To create a path in art today, it begins with the idea of exposure, using esthetic categories. I think about the legacy left by the photographers that exposure the daily life of the great metropolis, guetos and traditional peoples. My work is developed at the act of photographing bodies assuming several cuts in photo-collage, coming back as a new body and making wheatpastes in urban/rural intervention experiments. I’ve been in the search for a non-linear artistic expression, throw myself over the research of the performative body and the abject bodies by the hegemonic colonizing culture and its communication and art systems, (marginalized and invisibilized bodies). From a process in Santos with Lívia Aquino, a researcher in the visual arts field, I decided to search the “poor image” and the historical photojournalistic appropriation methods, as so the majority of my works the use of other photographic layers can be seen.

Website: https://cargocollective.com/geart

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2019:

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