Genilson Guajajara

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São Luís, Brazil, 1992.
Lives and works in Aldeia Piçarra preta, Brazil.

PIPA 2021 nominee.

My name is Genilson Guajajara I am from Aldeia Piçarra Preta, indigenous land Rio Pindaré\MA I want to talk a little about the world of photography, how it came into my life to the people who most contributed to make this happen, they were people who appeared in my life in the field of education and when opportunities appeared to participate in the political training organized by the Justice network on the tracks of GEDMMA, which develops a workshop within communities affected by large projects.

A new world was presented to me because until then, here in our territory, this type of tool was not so accessible to us, the indigenous peoples of the Rio Pindaré territory, I always wanted to register the culture of my people, the “girl’s party” that it is a rite of passage for the girl to adulthood.

In 2019 we held our first photographic exhibition at the house in Maranhão, with the theme of the Girl’s party, in the same year I presented a lecture and a short film on the ritual of the girl’s party, at the IV National Symposium on Art and Media at UFMA.


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2021:

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