Gustavo Silvamaral

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Brasília, Brazil, 1995.
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil.

PIPA 2021 nominee.

Gustavo Silvamaral is a Brazilian artist born and raised in Brasília, where he completed his bachelor’s degree on Visual Arts from Universidade de Brasília and where he still develops his work to this day. The artist builds a continuous dialogue with pictorial language, regardless of the support he uses, positioning himself as a painter. There is an insistence on thinking the monochrome, placing color as the protagonist of the work, thinking its relationship with space. Silva’s yellow and its possible meanings are always being negotiated between the work and those who look at it; it is a potency in itself and in the relationship it intends.

Silvamaral constructs a painting that extends to everything that meets the gaze, places himself as an active observer of the world, bringing reality as a primordial tool, but a reality that changes within the whims of the pictorial gaze. Gustavo accumulates various discarded objects and uses them as an essential visual reference for his work, cataloguing these materialities in his countless artist’s notebooks, which are the conductors of many of his propositions.


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