Hariel Revignet

(this page was last updated in August 2021)

Goiânia, Brazil, 1995
Lives and works in Goiânia, Brazil.

PIPA 2021 nominee.

My artistic researches are autobiogeographic and are manifested by intersections between the social, the ancestral and the spiritual. Building images, activating possible memories, demarcating original territories in the collective unconscious, crumbling borders and burning herbs to heal colonial wounds. The dimensions of ancestral black feminism to activate the decolonial and counter-colonial are crossed to establish a possible Afro-diasporic-indigenous place. With a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism from UFG (Brazil), I created the concept AXÉTETURA with which I make the displacement of the Eurocentric-modern-capitalist epistemic impositions seeking my references of space, territory, place, culture, knowledge and oralizations from the Afro-centered worldview and the Indigenous Enchanting.

Website: www.instagram.com/harielrevignet

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2021:

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