Iagor Peres

(this page was last updated in August 2023)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1995.
Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain.

PIPA Prize 2023 nominee.
PIPA 2023 Selected Artist

“I have been looking for ways to remove the body from the traps of vision and thus, observe other visible and invisible densities that make up our relationships in space, to critically think about their agencies, formativities and the way we see them in the world. Trying to understand how we deal with what escapes a name and what we cannot see. To that end, I focus on the creation of amorphous and unstoppable materialities, the result of the combination of synthetic and organic compounds that permeate most of my works. 

I situate my practice in the friction between sculpture, video, installation, and performance, reflecting. I’ve been asking myself, how do we dismiss the idea of Thing from the matter’s recategorization processes? How and why we separate the Things, feeding a narrative created by a world revealed in luminosity and vision traps. Doubting the apparent world and establishing dynamics between the removal and positioning of bodies (materials) in spaces, I have been working on questioning production’s tools of difference developed by white-western thoughts concerning bodies not understood as Life.”

Member of the Carni Collective – Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena, currently participating in the PEI – Programa de Estudios Independientes at MACBA in Barcelona. Winner awarded at the Prince Clauss Seed Awards in 2021, Premio Foco 2022 and at the 6th Edition of the EDP Nas Artes Prize at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, SP, 2018. Participant in the CCSP exhibition program in 2020. Resident at Villa Waldberta, Munich, GER for the residency PlusAfroT, 2019. In the same year, he was a resident in Lugar a Dudas, Calí, Colombia. 

Website: @iagorperes

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2023:

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