Ionaldo Rodrigues

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Belém, Brazil, 1984
Lives and works in Belém, Brazil
Represented by Kamará Kó gallery

PIPA Prize 2023 nominee

Ionaldo Rodrigues works with photography and image related to archive management, editorial production, education and artistic creation. He graduated in Social Sciences from UFPA (2008). Since 2010, he has been a public servant at the Photography and Audiovisual Laboratory of the Curro Velho Workshop Nucleus. He received the Art Research Scholarship from the Pará Institute of Arts (IAP) and coordinated the Research and Documentation Nucleus of the Fotoativa Association. Ionaldo edits printed proof stamp. He taught courses and workshops at the Curro Velho Workshop Nucleus, Fotoativa, the UFPA Museum and SESC Ver-o-Peso.

He participated in group exhibitions, such as “Gestos, relatos, escritas e autoficções” mounted at the 5th Tiradentes Photography Festival (2015), exhibitions of the Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia Prize (2011, 2014 and artistic residency prize 2018) and of the 38th edition do Arte Pará in 2019. He held the solo show “Rebotalho”, curated by Mariano Klautau Filho, at Kamara Kó Galeria (2015). The works “Drenagem” and “C nova Feira” are part of the Diário Contemporâneo de Fotografia Collection / Casa das Onze Janelas Museum collection in Belém.


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA Prize 2023:

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