Isael Maxakali

(this page was last updated in April 2023)

Santa Helena de Minas, Brazil.
Lives and works in Ladainha, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2020 nominee.
PIPA Online 2020 winner.

Works in the PIPA Institute Collection

My name is Isael Maxakali, I live in Aldeia Nova, municipality of Ladainha – MG. I’ve made a lot of movies for people everywhere to watch and know that we Tikmū’ūn exist. I also really like making drawings of animals, fish, yãmĩyxop spirits and other things too. I think that, with my work, I grow and strengthen the Tikmū’ūn. If I get known, they do too. If I win a prize, they win too!

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes, exclusively for PIPA Prize 2020:

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