Julia Arbex

(this page was last updated in August 2023)

Volta Redonda, Brazil, 1982
Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, Brazil

PIPA Prize 2023 nominee

Julia Arbex is a Brazilian visual artist based in Rio de Janeiro. She has a Masters degree from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (2018), where she studied Contemporary Arts. Her work has been shown internationally, including Salón Acme (Mexico 2023), The Silence of tires tongues (Framer Framed – Amsterdan 2022), Drawing Box Pop up Show (Onkaf Gallery – India 2022), Sol a Sol (São Paulo, 2022), Mirantes (Rio de Janeiro 2021) and others. Her artistic practice permeates the geopolitical and geological relationships of the planet Earth that are constantly changing and reconfiguring themselves. She focuses not only in the image, but in the body of the materials, in the encounter between them.
Website: https://cargocollective.com/juliaarbex

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2023:

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