Juno B.

(this page was last updated in August 2022)

Fortaleza, Brazil, 1982.
Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2022 nominee.

Juno B. was born in Ceará, currently lives in São Paulo. A non-binary transdisciplinary artist, they incorporate video, photography, 3d, text and sculpture into immersive installations. In their work, they propose experiments, fabulations and dialogues based on non-hegemonic discourses and hypotheses of mutual ways of being in the world. Their practice transits between gender disobedience, transspecific mutations, toxic conflicts, climatic migrations and adaptive landscapes; tensioning the visible notions of the human and the limits between aesthetics, ethics and politics. They participated in the Artistic Residencies: Travessias Ocultas – Lastro in Campo Brazil-Bolivia (2017) / Materia Gris – La Paz, Bolivia (2017) / Litigation Zone – Ceará and Piauí, Brazil (2020), Belluard Bollwerk, Friboug, Switzerland and Pivô Research Program, São Paulo, Brazil (2021). Recently collaborated on the projects: Museu Itamar Assumpção, Lastro platform.

Website: www.fluorochrome.xyz & www.instagram.com/deiporvisto_

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:

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