Kika Diniz

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1990.
Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2022 nominee.

Kika Diniz was born and works in Rio de Janeiro. Her visual arts` studies began in EAV Parque Lage in 2013 and in 2020 she got a master degree in Contemporary Study of the Arts in UFF (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) in the area study of artistic processes. Her dissertation “Pornography, Erotism and Desire: Subversion Strategies” was focused on a theoretical and practical analysis of mainstream pornographic images, largely distributed as products. During the master thesis presentation, a question was brought up by her advisor professor Tania Rivera “Wouldn`t all images may be pornographic?” which later led to the broadening of her research, so that then it began to encompass images that were being shared on social networks.

The canvas are first primed with black gesso and shiny lacquer, creating impermeable reflective surfaces, suggesting the “black mirror” of screens once they are off. The images arrive through social medias` algorithms, such as tiktok (series odeioestrogonofe – the artist`s username on the app). The images (portraits, day-to-day scenes, animals, recipes, landscapes and everything else that is shared) are the starting point to the painting process, understood as the pictorial space of gesture and paint on canvas, leading to results that are often distinct from the starting image. The paintings are titled in reference to the videos and photographs from which the images were taken and are part of the work.


Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2022:


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