Lucas Albuquerque

(this page was last updated in February 2024)

Lives and works in between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.
Member of the PIPA Nominating Committee 2024.

BA in Art History and MA in artistic processes at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Currently works as the curator of Casa Museu Eva Klabin (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), tracing relationships between its collection and contemporary art. Lucas has worked as a curator at Galeria Aymoré (Rio de Janeiro), and as the head of the Artistic Residency Program of Instituto Inclusartiz (Rio de Janeiro). In his practice, he has guided artists, curators, and researchers between Brazil, United Kingdom (Delfina Foundation), France (Frac Bretagne), Spain (Homessessions), and the Netherlands (Rijksakademie). Lucas curated the exhibitions “Muamba: brazilian traces of movement” (2023), at Ruby Cruel (London, U.K.); “Whispers from the South” (2023), at Lamb Gallery (London); “Ustão” (2023) and “Ultramar” (2023), at Casa Museu Eva Klabin (Rio de Janeiro); “The Sacred in the Amazon” (2023), alongside with Paulo Herkenhoff, and “Gamboa: our paths did not cross by chance” (2022), at Instituto Inclusartiz (Rio de Janeiro); “Futuração” (2021), at Galeria Aymoré (Rio de Janeiro), as well as other individuals and groups shows. He also developed the research “The Relations between Melancholy and Nostalgia in the Film Sixty-six” (2019) about the American filmmaker Lewis Klahr. In his MA thesis “Serious Games: the human experience in simulated environments” (2023), he investigated the production of Harun Farocki, Hito Steyerl, Joseph Delappe, and Wafaa Bilal, considering the digital image and the intersection between war, art, media, and entertainment.

Instagram: @lu.casalbuquerque

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