Marc Davi

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Formiga, MG, 1980.
Lives and works in Belo Horizonte, MG.

PIPA 2020 nominated.

Either by the revival of decadent symbols, or by the destruction of the elected object, Marc Davi runs his artistic discourse with diverse medias and with an intricate network of symbolic processes that go together in the name of an exhaustion of the plastic resources, as a strategy of deflagration of poetic potentials in a latent state. His works point to the confront between the quicksand character of languages and the arbitrary nature of the substance that constitutes them – and summon the limits of the body (and it’s social regulators) leading to a tensioning with what’s real. Even though in a initial moment the regency of image prevails, another subjacent discourse insinuates itself and reveals the problematic of it’s propositions: bringing up an structural dungeon of silence that operates in non-accessed territories. In that sense, the artist starts from the incompleteness of the plastic matter to provoque a corporal engagement as a media of possible threat to the domain systems that fall upon the individual.

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