Marcelo Camara

(this page was last updated in October 2023)

Brasília, Brazil, 1989
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil
Represented by Referência Art Gallery (DF)

PIPA Prize 2023 nominee

Marcelo Camara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the Universidade de Brasília (UnB, Brazil) and a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the same institution. He works with painting and drawing, investigating the relationship between action and representation, between the figure and the gesture, using reference images – mainly from the history of art – from which his works depart. The works result from looking at canonical images, in a revisitation that ends up undoing what is known. His process is intimately linked to the desire provoked by what he sees and the possibilities of the gesture, leading to a kind of abstraction where the traces, stains and colors suggest rather than define figures or scenes, in an opening of the image that makes one reflect on the ideia of representation itself and about the language of painting. The artist participated in group exhibitions, such as “Do corpo objeto ao animal político”, Arte Londrina 8, UEL/PR (2020), “Entre o tempo e o espaço”, at Galeria Casa/DF (2022), “Sob a luz azul”, A Pilastra/DF (2022), Brazil. He had his first solo exhibition “Variações” at Espaço Cultural Renato Russo in Brasília/DF, in 2022, which was presented in the same year at the Centro Cultural Octo Marques in Goiânia/GO, Brazil.


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