Marcos Moraes

Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.
PIPA Nomination Committee Member 2020.

Doctorship from FAUUSP, Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Performing Arts from the same university, Art expert – Education – Museum, from ECA USP; and Museology from Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Professor of Art History in graduation and post-graduation, coordinator of the Visual Arts courses (Bachelor’s and License’s Degree) at FAAP; of FAAP’s Artistic Residencies and of FAAP’s Residency Program, at Cité des Arts, Paris, and of the FAAP’s Contemporary Investigations Seminars. He was a part of the Study Group in Curatorship of MAM and of the spokesmen of PIESP. Member of ICOM Brasil and of MAM SP’s Board. Independent curator, he’s organized exhibitions in institutions such as MAC USP, IEB USP, MAMSP, MAB FAAP, Itaúcultural, among others. Publications on artists such as Luis Sacilloto, Adriana Varejão, Sandra Cinto, Rodolpho Parigi, Mauro Piva, in addition to that, curatorial texts and publications.

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