Maria Eugênia Matricardi

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Cuiabá, Brazil, 1988.
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil.

PIPA Prize 2024 nominee.

Maria Eugênia Matricardi is an artist who thinks about the body through nomadism, whether as geographical or subjective displacement, producing (un)limits. Preferring to use the term actions to performance, the political, symbolic and affective tensioning of the body is of interest as research, practice, dissidence and life. They move between languages such as actions, expanded field painting, installations and video art. They work in public education in the Federal District, using art and practices to confront gender violence. They walk around (untaming) stones, collecting small bones and vulture feathers for dubious alchemies. They did their PhD in Contemporary Art at the University of Brasília – UnB. They have been a member of the Corpos Informáticos research group since 2011, coordinated by Maria Beatriz de Medeiros. They have a Master’s degree in Contemporary Poetics from the University of Brasília and a Licence and Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the same institution. Born in Cuiabá-MT, they live and work in Brasília-DF.

Vimeo: Matricardi

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