Nominating Committee 2016

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

Members of the Nominating Committee are annually invited by PIPA’s Board to nominate up to three artists each to participate in the Prize.

This year’s Committee is composed of 30 renowned professionals, Brazilian and foreigners, who work directly with contemporary art; artists, collectors, curators, professors, critics and gallerists, who are not allowed to nominate artists who are commercially represented by their own galleries.

Members of the Nominating Committee have to consider the relevancy of the prize as a parameter when selecting their nominees, and choose artists who have a recent work trajectory and are known in the art circuit. PIPA’s coordination avoids any deliberate arbitrary decision for understanding that the Committee’s nominations are more diverse, efficient and fair.

Some of this year’s Nominators have participated as artists or Nominators in previous editions of the Prize.

PIPA 2016 Nominating Committee:

André Severo
(artist | curator | South)

Beatriz Lemos
(curator | South East)

(artist | South East)

Carlito Carvalhosa
(artist | South East)

Caroline Carrion
(critic | curator | South East)

Catherine Petitgas
(collector | England)

Cauê Alves
(critic | curator| South East)

Fabio Faisal
(professor | collector | South East)

Gabriel Perez Barrero
(curator | USA)

Guilherme Gutman
(critic | curator | South East)

Jacopo Visconti
(curator | Italy)

Jesús Fuenmayor
(curator | Venezuela)

Jones Bergamim
(gallerist | South East)

José Rufino
(artist | North East)

Kiki Mazzucchelli
(curator | England)

Lenora de Barros
(artist | South East)

Lisette Lagnado
(critic | curator | South East)

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas
(curator| Portugal)

Manuel Neves
(critic | curator | art historian | Central West)

Maria Ines de Almeida
(curator | North)

Maria Iovino
(critic | curator | Colombia)

Max Perlingeiro
(collector | gallerist | editor | South East)

Michael Ashbury
(critic | curator | England)

Monica Hoff
(artist | curator | researcher | Sul)

Orlando Maneschy
(critic | curator| North)

Pablo Leon de la Barra
(critic | curator| Mexico)

Paulo Miyada
(curator | researcher| South East)

Rosangela Rennó
(artist | South East)

Solange Farkas
(critic | curator | North East)

Virginia de Medeiros
(artist | North East)

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