Nominating Committee 2017

This year’s Committee is composed of 25 members; renowned professionals, Brazilian and foreigners, who work with contemporary art; artists, collectors, curators, professors, critics and gallerists. The members of the Nominating Committee, who are annually invited by PIPA’s Board, are asked to nominate up to three artists each to participate in this year’s edition of the Prize, they must consider the relevancy of the prize as a parameter when selecting their nominees.

PIPA awards Brazilian artists with a recent trajectory, consistent production, whose works are already in evidence and known in the Brazilian contemporary art scene. PIPA’s Coordination avoids any deliberate arbitrary decision for understanding that the Committee’s nominations are more diverse, efficient and fair.

Some of this year’s Nominators have participated as artists or Nominators in previous editions of the Prize. The announcement of the nominees will take place from March 6th-10th.

View below the PIPA 2017 Nominating Committee:

Alice Miceli
(artist | Southeast)

Ana Cândida de Avelar
(critic/curator| Centre West)

Anna Bergamasco
(galerist | Southeast)

Claudia Saldanha
(professor/curator | Southeast)

Claudio Mubarac
(artist/curator/professor | Southeast)

Consuelo Bassanesi
(curator/ artistic director | Southeast)

Daniel Senise
(artist | Southeast)

Felipe Ribeiro
(curator/ artistic director | Southeast)

Frances Reynolds
(collector | England)

Francisco Dalcol
(critic/curator | South)

Gabriela Kremer Motta
(curator/critic | South)

Gabriela Salgado
(curator | England)

João Laia
(curator/writer | Lisbon)

Josué Mattos
(curator/historian | South)

Kaira Cabañas
(professor | USA)

Marina Câmara
(curator/critic) | Southeast)

Marta Mestre
(curator) | Southeast)

Flavia Gimenes
(curator | Brazil and England)

Michelle Sommer
(curator/critic | South)

Paulo Nazareth
(artist | Southeast)

Paulo Vieira
(collector| Southeast)

Tanya Barson
(curator | Spain)

Thyago Nogueira
(curator/editor | Southeast)

Vânia Leal Machado
(curator | North)

Waldir Barreto Filho
(curator and professor | Southeast)

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