Nominating Committee

(this page was last updated in April 2020)

Each edition, the PIPA Prize Board invites around 30 to 40 contemporary art professional to nominate artists with a recent trajectory, but with relevance in the Brazilian art circuit.  The invitees (generally, collectors, curators, professors, critics, artists, and gallerists) then form the edition’s Nominating Committee. It’s worth stressing that invited gallerists are not allowed to nominated artists represented by the organizations to which they belong. Some of this year’s members have already participated as artists or members of the Committee in previous editions of the Prize.

The PIPA Prize 2020 Nominating Committee is composed of 26 members, amongst Brazilian professionals from all over the country and foreigners, 19 of which are members for the first time. Each of them nominates from one to three artists to run for the tenth edition of the award, keeping in mind the relevance of the Prize for the development and growth of the Brazilian artistic production.

PIPA Prize awards Brazilian contemporary visual artists with a recent trajectory, consistent production, whose works are already in evidence and known in the Brazilian contemporary art scene. PIPA’s Coordination avoids any deliberate arbitrary decision for understanding that the Committee’s nominations are more diverse, efficient and fair.

View below the PIPA Prize 2020 Nominating Committee:

Ana Candida Avelar
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Anna Bergamasco
(gallerist | Milan, Italy)

Aruan Braga
(Director of social organization | Southeast Brazil)

Bené Fontelles
(Curator | Center-West Brazil)

Bernardo Faria
(Collector | Southeast Brazil)

Carlos Eduardo Bitu Cassundé
(critic/curator | Northeast Brazil)

Claudia Saldanha
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Douglas de Freitas
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Elida Tessler
(Artist | South Brazil)

Gabriela Motta
(curator/critic/researcher | South Brazil)

Guerreiro do Divino Amor
(Artist | Southeast Brazil)

Gustavo Wanderley
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Isabella Lenzi
(Critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Jacqueline Medeiros
(critic/curator | Northeast Brazil)

Keyna Eleison
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Leno Veras
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Marcos Moraes
(Professor | Southeast Brazil)

Maria do Carmo M. P. de Pontes
(Curator | London, UK)

Mariano Klautau Filho
(Critic/curator | North Brazil)

Marina Câmara
(Teacher/critic/curator | South Brazil)

Matias Mesquita
(Artist | Center-West Brazil)

Oliver Basciano
(Journalist | London, UK)

Raphael Fonseca
(critic/curator | Southeast Brazil)

Ricardo Fernandes
(Gallerist/Curator | Paris, France)

Sandra Hegedüs
(Collector | Paris, France)

Tomás Toledo
(Curator | Southeast Brazil)

Wagner Barja
(Artist | Center-West Brazil)

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