Alexandre Navarro Moreira

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Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1974.
Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Represented by AURA and Manoel Macedo.

PIPA 2016 nominee.

In 2000, completed his Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts/Painting at the Institute of Arts, UFRG. In 2007, begins his Masters in Visual Poetics in the Post-Graduate programme at the same Institute finishing the programme in 2008.

In 2012, has the solo exhibition ‘Nervos de Aco from the series ‘Desenhos_Fliperama’ at Manoel Macedo Galeria de Arte, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In 2013, participates in the exhibition ‘Sem Fronteiras’, at the Museum Bispo do Rosario, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2014, participates in the Cultural Week of Rio Grande do Sul in Uruguay/ ‘SUL SUR 2014’, at the EAC- Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the multimedia edition of ‘Autacom’ in partnership with Leo Felipe.

In June of the same year, participates in the group show ‘Volupia Construtiva – Prazer e Ordenamento em Desenho sobre Papel from the archive of MACRS’, Porto Alegre, curated by Eduardo Veras and in the project ‘Um Firme e Vibrante Nao’ curated by Jorge Bucksdricker and Leo Felipe, at the Ecarta Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In 2015, signs off the scenography for the spectacle ‘Cadarço de Sapato ou Ninguém está Acima da Redenção’ inspired in the life and work of Sarah Kane, at the Company Teatrofídico in Porto Alegre, and in the scenography ‘PULP’, traditional party that takes place at the Ocidente Bar for the past 12 years. In August inaugurates the solo show ‘O Gabinete Autæikon’ at the ESPM Cultural Space in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In the end of the same year, wins the award ‘Açorianos of Visual Arts’ and the ‘Açorianos of Scenic Arts’ with the exhibition ‘O Gabinete Autæikon’ and for the scenography of ‘Cadarço de Sapato ou Ninguém está Acima da Redenção’, respectively.

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