Arissana Pataxó

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Porto Seguro, Brazil, 1983.
Lives and works in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Bahia, Brazil.

PIPA Online 2016 2nd place winner. 
Works in the PIPA Institute Collection

The visual artist, from the Pataxó ethnicity, develops her artistic production, in various techniques, by approaching the indigenous thematic as part of the contemporary world. Arissana enrolled in a Fine Arts Course at the School of Fine Arts- Federal University of Bahia in 2005 and completed her degree in 2009, developing alongside her studies, extensive activities and educational programmes with the Pataxó tribe; workshops and the production of educational material. In addition to the Pataxó’s, the artist continues to work with other indigenous tribes in Bahia, providing art educational programmes and supplying educational material. In 2007, Arissana had her first solo exhibition ‘Sob o olhar Pataxo’ at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, UFBA, Salvador, Bahia. Since then, she has engaged in the artistic world by participating in several exhibitions, such as the Regional Visual Arts Salon of Porto Seguro (Bahia) in 2009; the international exhibition ‘Eco Arte’ at the Museum of Arte of Montenegro (Rio Grande do Sul), in 2011 and the most recent travelling exhibition ‘Mira! Artes Visuais Contemporâneas dos Povos Indígenas’ showcased in Belo Horizonte and Brasília.


Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2016:

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