Artists 2016

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The names of the artists nominated to participate in PIPA 2016 were published between the 15th and 19th February. There were 76 artists in total, 43 of whom have participated in previous editions of the Prize and 5 who were finalists. We have published all the names sent by the Nominating Committee, composed of 30 contemporary art experts. Only the artists who fulfil the requirements sent by PIPA’s Coordination, within the established due date, will be considered Participating Artists and allowed to compete in the three categories of the Prize.

View below the complete list of PIPA 2016 participating artists:

Arissana Pataxó

(PIPA Online 2nd place 2016)

Arjan Martins

Finalist 2018,
PIPA Popular Vote 2018,
PIPA Winner 2018)

Clara Ianni

(Finalist 2016)

Gustavo Speridião

(Finalist 2016)

Jaider Esbell

(PIPA Online 2016)

Leticia Ramos

(Finalist 2015)

Luiza Baldan

(Finalist 2016)

Matheus Rocha Pitta

(Finalist 2012)

Paulo Nazareth

(PIPA Popular Vote 2016,
PIPA Winner 2016)

Thiago Martins de Melo

(Finalist 2014)

Vivian Caccuri

Finalist 2018)

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