Daisy Xavier

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1952.
Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Represented by Anita Schwartz Gallery of Art and Galeria Eduardo Fernandes.

PIPA 2010 and 2019 nominee.

Formed in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Daisy Xavier began her artistic training in the 1980s. Attended the Núcleo de aprofundamento da escola de artes visuais – Parque Lage (1992) and History of Art with Paulo Sergio Duarte (2000). Your research seeks to investigate identities and alterities. Whether by the deconstruction or the construction of the determined forms and concepts, the artist produces images of strong poetic load where the body ceases to be merely physical and happens to represent the permeable zones. Elements such as net and water are recurrent in the artist's works – they are videos, photos, installations, paintings or drawings. Both do not leave what is inside or outside, creating interchangeable fields, constantly changing.

Website: www.flickr.com/photos/daisy_xavier/albums

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes, exclusively for PIPA Prize 2019:

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