Gê Orthof

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Petrópolis, Brazil, 1959.
Lives and works in Brasília, Brazil

PIPA 2010 and 2019 nominee.
PIPA 2011 and 2018 Nominating Committee member.

Artist and professor in the Departamento de Artes Visuais do Instituto de Artes at Universidade de Brasília, Gê Orthof works with many medias such as: installation, performance, video and drawing. His most recent solo exhibitions include: “Pasaquoyanism: The first card” , The John Michael Kohler Arts Center, curated by  Jonathan Frederick Walz and Karen Petterson  (Sheboygan, Wisconsin, EUA, 2017),  “Many-splendoured thing”, The Portico Library, curated by Raphael Fonseca (Manchester, Reino Unido, 2016), “Confabulo ] [ matulo me mato”, Alfinete Galeria (Brasília, DF, 2016),  “Nov[elos] + Nov[ilhas] = Cowladyboy”, curated by Marilia Panitz, Amarelegronegro Arte Contemporânea (Rio de Janeiro,  2015), “HA-gaz-AH”, curated by Marilia Panitz, Referência Galeria de Arte, (Brasília, DF, 2014), “] noturno [ + [ soturno ]”, curated by Marilia Panitz, Galeria Alfinete ( Brasília, DF, 2014), “A pregnant cosmonaut forgets to send a crucial message [Nordic Drawings]”, Ava Galleria (Helsinque, Finlândia,2013), “Ambos Mundos”, curated by Ciça Fittipaldi , Galeria da FAV/UFG  (Goiânia, GO, 2013). In August 2018, he will be presenting “máquinas mínimas”, at Galeria Luciana Caravello, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

He received awards and grants of Institutions such as Penn State University (Pensylvannia, USA), Columbia University (NY, USA), Associação de Críticos de Arte de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil), Centro Cultural de Curitiba (Paraná, Brazil) and Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil do Rio de Janeiro (RJ, Brazil).

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA Prize 2019:

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