Artworks donated in 2015

(this page was last updated in July 2017)

One of the main objectives that led to the creation of PIPA, in 2010, was to support the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM- Rio).
In this regard it was decided that, in order to contribute to the expansion of the museum’s collection, with works of contemporary Brazilian artists, the four finalists of each edition of PIPA would donate an artwork to MAM- Rio.

The winners of each category (PIPA, PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition, PIPA Online and PIPA Online Popular Vote) also donate a work to Instituto IP, sponsor of the award.

Donations to Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) by the 2015 finalists

Virginia Medeiros ( finalist, PIPA 2015 winner and PIPA 2015 Popular Vote Exhibition winner) donated to MAM-Rio, one of the works she showed at the exhibition.
She donated “Alexandre”, from the “Fábula do Olhar” series, 2012- 2013, photopainting, framed text and audio, ed 5+2AP, 120 x 90 cm, made in collaboration with Julio Santos.

"Alexandre" from Fábula do Olhar series, 2012-2013, photopainting, framed text and audio, ed 5+2AP, 120 x 90 cm, made in collaboration with Julio Santos.

The other finalists Cristiano Lenhardt, Leticia Ramos and Marina Rheingantz also donated each one an artwork.
(As soon we get the information about these works we will post the details.)

Donations to Instituto IP in 2015

The winners of each category donated an artwork to Instituto IP.

PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition

Virginia Medeiros, donated two artworks ( shown below), one for been chosen, by the Award Jury, as PIPA 2015 winner; and the other as the most voted artist at PIPA’s exhibition, winning the PIPA Popular Vote 2015 category.

“Em torno dos meus marítimos”, 2014, four photographs, 50x70cm, and video 8’55”.

"Em torno dos meus marítimos ", 2014, four photographs, 50x70cm, and video 8'55"

“Sergio e Simone”, 2007-2014, video 20’38”.
"Sergio e Simone", 2007-2014, video 20'38"

PIPA Online
Luciana Magno was elected by a jury, amongst the five top voted artists online, she was awarded PIPA Online 2015 winner and donated a photo from the video “Figueira selvagem” [“Wild fig tree”].
"Figueira Selvagem", by Luciana Magno

PIPA Online Popular Vote
Ana Ruas was the artist who received more votes, winning the PIPA Online Popular Vote category.
She donated (below) “Achados e perdidos”, 2014, from Paisagem I series, enamel paint on wood with hinges and flip flop miniature, 30 x 140 cm (each piece of the diptych).
Ana Ruas

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