Jailton Moreira

(this page was last updated in February 2019)

Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Member of the Nomination Committee PIPA 2011 and 2019

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts by the Art Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. Some of his most highlighted solo exhibitions include: “Percevejo” – Museu do Trabalho, Porto Alegre, Brazil, “Trabalhos Insistentes” – Oba Aberta gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2002), “Vê Quem Vê Quem” – Bolso da CAL(Latin America Culture House) Gallery, of the University of Brasilia, Brazil. (1999), “Desenhos Ordinários” – MAC (Contemporary Art Museum), Porto Alegre, Brazil (1994) and “Diversões” – Arte & Fato Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil (1986). Amongst his collective exhibitions are: II e V Mercosul Visual Arts Biennale, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2001/2005), Panorama de Arte Brasileira in the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, Brazil (2001/2003/2005/2011), “Tropicália – A Revolution in Brazilian Culture” – Chicago Contemporary Art Museum, USA (2005), V e X National Show of Visual Arts, FUNARTE/INA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1982/1988). He was also one of the creators, together with Elida Tessler, of Torreão, a space for reflection and creation of contemporary art in Porto Alegre, it also offers visual arts orientation. He was also the coordinating curator of the Rumos Visuais Itaú Cultural project (2001/2003) and co-curator at the first edition of the Rumos Visuais project (1999/2000). He curated the “Convivências” exhibition at the Fundação Iberê Camargo (2011). Currently lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He is a member of the selection jury at the Marcantonio Vilaça Prize (2017).

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