Solange Farkas

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

Member of PIPA Nominating Committee 2011 and 2016.
Live and works between Salvador and São Paulo, Brazil.

President and internation Curator of the  Associação Cultural Videobrasil. Farkas created the Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporânea SESC_Videobrasil, that became a benchmark for artistic production in Latin America. In her 25 year career, she has been ahead of several exhibitions such as  “Mostra Pan-Africana de Arte Contemporânea” (Salvador, 2005); “La Mirada Discreta: Marcel Odenbach & Robert Cahen” (Buenos Aires, 2006); “Roteiro Amarrado” (CCBB Rio de Janeiro, 2010) and  “Suspensão e Fluidez” (ARCO, Madrid, 2007), around the work of the Brazilian artist  Eder Santos; “Sophie Calle – Take Care” (São Paulo and Salvador, 2009); and “Joseph Beuys – We are the Revolution” (São Paulo and Salvador, 2010). Director and chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, from 2007 to 2010. She was responsible,  at the institution, of several exhibitions of artists such as Chelpa Ferro, Daniel Senise, Thomas Farkas and Mario Cravo Neto. In 2011, she participated as curator of the 10th  edition of the Charjah  Biennial (United Arab Emirates), of the 16th Cerveira Biennial (Portugal) and of the 6th Videozone: International Video Art Biennial (Israel), and was the chief curator of the  17º Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporânea SESC_Videobrasil, which presented the first solo show of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson in Brazil.

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