Daniel Escobar

(this page was last updated in July 2018)

Santo Ângelo, Brazil, 1982.
Lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Represented by Zipper GalleryCelma Albuquerque and Gestual Gallery.

PIPA Prize 2014 and 2018 nominee.

Daniel Escobar’s artistic repertoire explores questions related to publicity and visual communications devices. In the context of his work, elements such as posters, billboard signs, pamphlets, maps, travel guides, painted signs, banners, and illuminated signs represent the urban landscape in varied ways; Escobar considers not only what they express about the physical conditions of urban spaces, but also the eloquent ways in which they reveal a landscape driven by desires and inhabited by dreams of consuming.

His works are produced from the appropriation of materials themselves filled with meaning; his interferences and dislocations modify these meanings or generate new ones. The artist creates situations that test the limits of these materials. By exploring the extent to which these materials resist the tests, the artist is able to establish new ways of viewing and understanding these materials.

Website: www.danielescobar.com.br

Video produced by Do Rio Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2018:


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