Danilo Ribeiro

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1983.
Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Represented by Arthur Fidalgo Gallery.

PIPA 2012 nominee.

Danilo Ribeiro began his studies in drawing and painting at the age of 13 with professor Marlon Silli, which consequently led him to the studio of the artist Lydio I Bandeira de Mello.Ribeiro graduated in Arts from the Methodist Bennett Institute (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), where he studied Art History with Reginaldo da Rocha Leite. In 2008, under the director, critic, and curator Fernando Cocchiarale, Ribeiro attended the School of the Visual Arts of Parque Lage, and participated in Programa Aprofundamento 2011, coordinated by Anna Bella Geiger, Fernando Cochiaralle, and João Modé. Amongst some of his exhibitions, we highlight the solo shows: “Como aprendi a sonhar em bits”, Centro Cultural dos Correios (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2017),  “Viagem Pitoresca ao Rio de Janeiro Contemporâneo – Volume I”, Artur Fidalgo Galeria, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2012; and the group shows: “A Cor do Brasil”, Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), Rio de Janeiro, RJ,2016 and VI Bienal da EBA Reflexos, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (MNBA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2017- 2018. His works can be found in the following collections: André Stock, Antônio Ciciliano, Carlos Vergara, Luiz Schymura, Rafael Lacerda, Roberto Lemme, Roberto Secchim, and also in Museum of Art of Rio (MAR) in the Cultural Foundation of Itajaí.

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