Donated artworks 2014

(this page was last updated in July 2016)

One of the main goals that led to the creation of PIPA Prize in 2010 was establishing a partnership between IP Capital Partners and the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro.

It was decided that, to contribute to the expansion of the Museum’s collection, specifically with contemporary Brazilian artists works, the four finalists in each PIPA Prize edition would donate an artwork to MAM-Rio.

Besides that, in each PIPA Prize edition, the winners of each category (PIPA, PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition, PIPA Online and PIPA Online Popular) would donate an artwork to the IP Institute, which produces the Prize.

Donations to the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro

Each one of PIPA’s four finalists, Alice Miceli, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Thiago Martins de Melo and Wagner Malta Tavares, donated an artwork to MAM-Rio.

Donations to IP Institute

The winners of each category donated, each one, an artwork for IP Institute.

Alice Miceli, winner of PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition 2014, donated “Em profundidade (campos-minados)” [“In depths (minefields)”], brand new work presented at PIPA 2014 Exhibition, composed by twelve images in large scale (approximately 105x70cm, each one).

Diego de Santos, winner of PIPA Online Popular 2014, donated an untitled work, from the series “Para onde vão os incomodados que se madam” [“Where the troubled go when they move”], 2013, ball pen and graphite on paper, measuring 96x66cm.

Paulo Nimer Pjota, winner of PIPA Online 2014, donated “South Afrika”, 2014, photography on cotton paper, with 60x40cm.

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